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Rafting and Kayaking,

Wild Rivers and Silent Streams
Hardly any other destination on earth can match the huge offer and variety of rafting and kayaking of Bhutan. Whatever you are looking for, short and easy rafting experiences for beginners or mad adventures for real freaks, you will find the right river for your desire in Bhutan. Besides one day trips Bhutanese rafting and kayaking agents also organize white water fascination in expedition style, combining several of the rivers/sections mentioned below!

Best Times
Best times for River Rafting and Kayaking in Bhutan is March to April and November to December. River water levels in the months May to October will be high. During these times, many of the rivers mentioned here would not be feasible. Water levels in the winter months, January to February, will be low. This means that some of the rivers will no longer be feasible to run again.

All references to water levels are estimated and in cubic feet per second (CFS).

Bhutanese Rafting and Kayaking Guides are well trained and will do everything to ensure that the tourist enjoy the adventures without taking risks. 



Central part Paro Chhu



Puna Tsang Chhu – The Canyon


Lower Paro Chhu



Puna Tsang Chhu – Waklaytar to Sunkoshtar


Wang Chhu – Upper Run



Mangde Chhu – Upper Section


Wang Chhu – Lower Run



Mangde Chhu – Ema Datzi Canyon


Upper Pho Chhu



Mangde Chhu – Kevorkian Canyon


Lower Pho Chhu



Chamkar Chhu


Mo Chhu – Tashitang Devil’s Gorge Section



Tang Chhu


Mo Chhu – Upper Run



Kuru Chhu -Upper run


Sonam’s Put In



Kuru Chhu -Middle run


Lower Mo Chhu



Kuru Chhu – Lower Run


Upper Dang Chhu



Middle Dang Chhu



Lower Dang Chhu