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About Us

Oriental vacations and Journeys work as a destination management company in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and Indian Himalayas for a number of highly reputed tour operators worldwide. 

With an extensive range of tour / trek options to suit all tastes, we take you to the most amazing places of Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan - discovering real people, real cultures and having incredible real life experiences along the way. All our tours & treks are nature-based with the emphasis on the distinctive scenery; wildlife and unique local culture, making us stand out from the other tour operator. We are dedicated to becoming one of the most reliable tour operator in Bhutan and a source of most authentic information

Our team of professionals headed by Mr. Yogesh Dhall , a post graduate in Tourism management and by Dr. Manoj Matta, who holds doctorate degree in tourism and hospitality management and is responsible for sales, marketing and product development for the company, offers you the most comprehensive and convenient way to arrange a truly memorable and difference travel experience in Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet and Indian Himalayas. 

Our operations team in Bhutan ensures each and every service is provided to the highest satisfaction of our guests keeping their interests and priorities in mind.

We are a one stop travel shop to find and book the best tour packages that Himalayas has to offer and particularly Bhutan. 

We look forward to serve you in these Himalayan Kingdoms. Kindly get in touch with us and we assure you to revert promptly with the most authentic information and the very best rates.